One world

Here we draw on traditions from all around the world, summer and winter too, silk, embroidery, edgings, linen and cotton, velvet, see-through fabrics and not … but always majestic in their simplicity.

Sometimes in thin cotton or silk, other times like an overcoat double-thick with lining, ready to be worn inside out.


I stay in close contact with the market here in my home town and with global markets. The feel, quality, colour and pattern of the textiles is what I’m looking for when I search out and choose fabrics, the material that I love; that’s what inspires me. I’m a huge fan of traditional and modern printing, weaving and fabric dyeing techniques. Blending them into a piece of clothing is what I do for a living.

Looking forward to seeing you in person...

You’ll find unique, modern pieces in-store. You can also commission us to design clothing, accessories, or jewellery just for you!

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