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Lina Gavra

I first came into contact with textiles very early on since my father was a textiles merchant in West Africa back in the days of Colonialism. I grew up with those materials all around me. My mother would make imaginative, light-hearted use of them for us and the home. I remember just how natural it was for me and my brother to play hide and seek in the warehouse among the rolls of fabric.

A few years back I started making jewellery from pieces of favourite textiles which I blended with semi-precious stones. I later learned to work larger surfaces and began making pashminas just how I had imagined them. I gradually added clothing, mostly overcoats, in various cuts and lengths. I love them. They became my trademark.

Goals & Vision

I love blending together fabrics that are “theoretically” mismatched … marrying patterns, textures and colours. To my mind, there’s only ONE world and all peoples’ traditions have things in common. I use materials and fabrics from just about everywhere … the Far East, Africa, Europe and Greece … blending and mixing the classical, the traditional and the modern. I don’t work based on what goes with what, but based on what I think is missing from the fabrics. What I do is mix things that match with things that just don’t match. I’m not sure if it creates a style, but it’s my own personal take on things. Symmetry within asymmetry equals harmony. A piece of clothing is all about the cut, the fabric, the detailing … and about being reversible!

I’d love to have studied what I do. Practically speaking though, I’m glad I’m guided by my senses and also that I’m highly disciplined in what I do. Thanks to being so disciplined, I’m discovering more each and every day about what I love to do. I feel like I’m “playing” with all the seriousness of a child.

Our body is a canvas, a background. Clothing the body unveils our personality. The really exciting moment is when women put their trust in me … allowing me to suggest what suits them … reveal what they really want to express.

Our shop

The premises remind me more of an artist’s studio than a fashion boutique.

The shop is located in Kolonaki. There you can find clothes, bags, jewellery, accessories, decorative items and shoes in impressive colours and designs. Everything is fabric-based. Everything is lovingly made!

  • 17 Irodotou St., Kolonaki
  • 215 555 7343

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You’ll find unique, modern pieces in-store. You can also commission us to design clothing, accessories, or jewellery just for you!

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